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Online – Dangers | Thievery | A New Chrome

If you surf the Internet (and how else would you be reading this?) the following links are worthy of your attention. Please take a moment and read the following.

An strong argument could be made, that the Internet has turned into a playground for cyber-criminals. While it may be a playground for criminals, without a doubt – it is a minefield for the rest of us.” — The Internet – A Living Breathing Minefield!

In the online world plagiarism, more commonly called content scraping, is rampant – essentially out of control.” — Online Plagiarism – So What’s the Big Deal?

Today’s free link: Google has released a new & improved, faster version of it’s Web browser which it has labeled Chrome 2 — Google Chrome Blog: A Speedier Google Chrome for all users

Today’s free download: Chrome 2.

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May 22, 2009 - Posted by | Internet

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