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What would you miss most if you didn’t have Internet access?

In my Inbox this morning was a “newsletter” from a company I have been been a fan of for years now, (and whose flagship product, Spyware Doctor, I unreservedly endorse) which provided some interesting statistics and asks a thought provoking question…

Polling the online activities of the ‘digitally active’

PC Tools recently commissioned a survey investigating online habits, to ensure we’re providing relevant products, services and information to you – our ‘digitally active’ customer.
The results are nothing short of surprising. A staggering 57% of people surveyed would give up alcohol before giving up the Internet, while 11% would give up their job and 8.6% would go without sex to stay connected!

What would you miss most if you didn’t have Internet access?

Social media ranked first with 68% of participants responding that socializing with others would be the hardest Internet activity to give up with increasing numbers turning to the Internet for love. A revealing 30% indicated that one of the hardest online activities they would have to sacrifice is sexually related content!

Our survey also reported a solid 29% considered work-related information difficult to part with, with the remaining 28% claiming that losing news and celebrity updates would be the hardest.

No matter what your activity of choice, it will come as no surprise that cybercriminals will continue targeting the most popular online activities in 2010 with malware, viruses, spyware and more.

There is no doubt (and a recent service outage proved) that I have become quite dependent on the Internet. For one, almost half of my repairs (Aplus Computer Aid) are conducted online via “remote control”. For another, I have long ago tired of the “journalists” of the “mainstream media” and I get all my news and information from online sources… but, what would I miss most? Hmmm….

How ’bout it, folks? What would you miss the most if you had to give up the Internet? Click on the Comments link and let me/us know.
(It really wouldn’t be ‘celebrity updates’.. would it???)

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