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What To Write Today…?

I guess I have a small case of “blogger’s burnout”, because I am sitting here wondering what to write about today.

Sure.. there’s tech news. I could grab a headline, and run with the topic… For instance, some *gentleman* made headlines by saying that in 5 years, Bored everything on the Internet will be for-pay (using a concept called “micropayments”) Barry Diller: The Internet ‘Absolutely’ Will Become a ‘Paid System’. Time Projection: Within 5 Years. But, I have been around long enough to know that such things are usually just sensationalism to get eyeballs, push an agenda, scare us, or.. aren’t really news.
Cyber-criminals are phishing on Twitter and Facebook??? No! Really?

So… fergettabout that idea.

I was playing with writing an article about the upcoming change-over to digital TV.. Maybe that’s happened already? Maybe might never happen?
But, I have been around long enough now that I am finding television to be almost entirely irrelevant to me. The *stuff* there insults my intelligence, and I’m sick up and fed with advertising, and I’m tired of reaching for the Mute button.

I have 250 channels and I maybe tune in to.. 3? And I actually go whole days without turning on a TV. I really don’t care about the DTV switchover and I really don’t even care that – even though I signed up for my coupons AGES ago – I haven’t received my coupons, because I have decided I’m not going to buy a converter.

So… fergettabout that idea.

Hmmm… what to write…

I have received some reader questions, a few of which would make good articles. But I think I will get to those tomorrow. I think that today I will just update my Firefox installs, and get outside and go wash my car.

Today’s free link: FireFox 3.0.11 Released – Fixes Crash and Security Issues

Today’s free download(s): Mozilla Firefox is the number one alternative web browser today, and I use it as my primary way of surfing the Web. I use the Add ons: NoScript, AdBlock Plus, and Flashblock for enhanced security.

Usually, I run it inside a sandbox. SandBoxie is what I use for that.

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