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Video: To Catch An ID Thief*

When you think of the Internet underground, you probably don’t think about Burbank or Ventura, Calif.. But if you want to see what’s going on in the Web’s darkest corners, the Ventura Freeway is where you need to go…

I have been a fan of Bob Sullivan’s MSNBC Red Tape Chronicles for a while now, and recently I had the time to go through some of his older articles, and I came across one I had missed — A Portal On Credit Card Crime.

I highly recommend that you read this article.

On it, I also found links to a Dateline special undercover series titled “To Catch an ID Thief”, which I had also missed. It too, is a “must read”, er.. “must see”. So I have provided links to the videos. (You will need to enable Flash.)

Amazing stuff here. I hope you’ll watch and learn, and tell your friends.

'To Catch an ID Thief'
‘To Catch an ID Thief’

2: Underground den of thieves
2: Underground den of thieves

3: 'Hansen Discount Electronics'
3: ‘Hansen Discount Electronics’

4: CH delivery
4: CH delivery

5: Where's Wendy?
5: Where’s Wendy?

6: Harsh truth
6: Harsh truth

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