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New search engine respects your privacy

There’s a new player in the search engine game. It’s named Cuil (and yes, it’s pronounced “cool”) and it claims to have indexed three times as many webpages as Google.
We all have our favorite search engine, and whether yours is Google, or Yahoo, or MSN, or Ask, or.. whichever, I think you should at least give Cuil a look-see. Why? (You ask) Well, Cuil does things a little differently than those others do them.
* results are not “ranked” by popularity, but by keyword, relevance, and page content.
* your searching history is not tracked and stored.

It is this second one that appeals to me. Here’s Cuil’s privacy statement: “Privacy is a hot topic these days, and we want you to feel totally comfortable using our service, so our privacy policy is very simple: when you search with Cuil, we do not collect any personally identifiable information, period. We have no idea who sends queries: not by name, not by IP address, and not by cookies. Your search history is your business, not ours.

And here’s (part of) Google’s*:

  • Google uses cookies and other technologies to enhance your online experience and to learn about how you use Google services in order to improve the quality of our services.
  • Google’s servers automatically record information when you visit our website or use some of our products, including the URL, IP address, browser type and language, and the date and time of your request.
  • (*Yahoo, MSN, and the others do the same thing.)

    And so, if your privacy is a concern of yours, and/or you would like to stop playing the popularity game, I recommend you give Cuil a try. And since it produces results in a different layout than you’re used to seeing on the others– such as the use of tabs, and “drilldowns” (used to narrow down the list of results by category)– I also recommend taking a brief moment to look over the explanatory “features” page to see how it works.

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