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Federal Free File – eTaxes, 2008

IRS Program Lets Taxpayers Use Tax Preparation Software For Free

I am like many Americans in that I have become somewhat reliant on my computer to help me do my Federal taxes. It all started with a CD I received in the mail — a free copy of H&R Block’s TaxCut. I tried it. And I found it just a wee bit easier to use and figure out than the 1040A user manual our government provides.

The following year, I received a CD, and the year after that.. and sure enough, I became “hooked” on TaxCut. (I understand that the other tax prep software player(s) did the same in other locations.)

This year, however, H&R Block neglected to send me a free TaxCut CD.

Well, NBD, I figured. I’ll just go to the H&R Block website and download a copy.
On the site, H&R Block wants to sell me a copy.

By now, I was “jonesing” for my TaxCut “fix”… I almost paid. But with a little further research I found out that to access the free version of TaxCut, I had to first go to to the IRS website.

IRS banner

On the IRS site, there is a page called “FreeFile”, and here you will find the “partnership links” to the free versions of 19 accepted tax prep programs — of which TaxCut (and also TurboTax) is one.
To qualify, you must have an Adjusted Gross Income of $56,000 or less.

Today’s free link: FreeFile at the IRS
Note: there’s two buttons on the page; “I will choose” and “help me choose”. Though all of the programs there are accepted by the IRS, I would recommend clicking the “I will choose”, and then selecting either TaxCut or TurboTax.

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  1. Great information TechPaul!

    Another option, is one that I have used, called TaxAct… All online and has not let me down YET!.


    Comment by whatsonmypc | March 30, 2009 | Reply

    • Rick–
      I just checked the IRS website, and Free TaxACT is one of the 19 “approved” partners. Thank you for sharing your “thumbs up” with my readers. I mentioned how H&R Block got me ‘hooked’, so I will be sticking with them out of that classic human motivator, Fear Of Change.


      Comment by techpaul | March 30, 2009 | Reply

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