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Take Back Your Privacy: Opt out of 60 ad networks

“Did you know that 60 ad networks may be tracking you right now? And may be selling personally identifiable details about you? The good news: you can opt out of these networks in less than 3 minutes. Here’s how.

Forget about privacy?
Online behavior tells a great deal about us: our food likes; the car we drive; our income level; religion; gender; sexual preferences; diseases; job status; and, how many and how old our children are. Traditionally, we’ve considered much of this information to be no one’s business but our own.

But thousands of companies would like to make our business their business. And with the Internet and cookie tracking, they can.”

Read the rest (including the How To steps) here. [note: I suggest you read the reader Comments (aka “Talkback”) on the article as well. (click on “View All Expanded”) ]

October 27, 2010 Posted by | computers, how to, Internet, privacy | 8 Comments