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First Friday of Santa Month

Sorry Folks, only have time for few quick thoughts..

* This blog has suddenly started receiving a ton of spam comments (this is in part due to the fact that I have allowed wide-open settings, so you don’t have to leave emails, or a name, etc.) that are coming from the Former Soviet Socialist Republics (these comments are in Russian, and are simply long lists of URL’s), Germany, and Israel.
Like, 20 per hour. All week.

These scammer/spammers are, simply, dumb as a …

Not to mention ethically and morally bankrupt. (WordPress has, to date, protected you from 70,308 spam comments already, here on T4E.)

I just wanted to remind you to be on your tippy-toes, Top, A Number 1, Level usage of paranoid common sense this holiday shopping season.. not just online, but when you’re out there in the malls, etc..

Don’t carry your purse in the shopping cart. Don’t let the person behind you eye-hustle your PIN (over your shoulder). Don’t carry your wallet in your back, or a ‘loose’ front, pocket. Don’t think cell phones are hacker-proof. Don’t do your banking on Wi Fi “hotspots”. And so on and so forth.

The holidays, it seems to me, brings out the best and the worst in people.. I know it’s cold. I know it’s crowded. I know there’s not enough time. I know things are too expensive. I know you waited a long time for that parking space that ——– just stole from you. I know everything is too, too, too crassly commercialized.

But, please. I ask you. Lead by example. Be the “better person”. Try to turn your other cheek, and remember glass houses. Slow down and enjoy the spectacle of the pretty lights. Maybe .. sing a carol or two at the top of your wind. (But.. two’s enough. You didn’t think you could sing, did you? It takes practice, you know!)

December 3, 2010 Posted by | advice | 8 Comments