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Google Glasses (The Future Is Here?) Sneak Peek

No, I did not mean Google Goggles (the app which gives your phone the ability to ‘read’ foreign languages [see, Does Your Android Wear Goggles?]) I meant glasses — what my grandma might have called “spectacles”.

Loyal readers have heard me say that if you want to see what the (tech) future holds, all you have to do is look at Star Trek. And I have “predicted” here that iPads and smartphones (etc.) will one day be replaced by computers we wear as eyeglasses — ala Geordi La Forge’s “visor”.

I have privately speculated that this day is not too far off..

Then, recently, someone pointed me to a “sneak peek” of something a few folks are calling “Google Glasses”.

We know that they’re coming and that they may even become available by the year’s end, but we have yet to get a glimpse of them. Not to disappoint you, but that last bit still holds true. However, check this out. It’s the Lumus OE-31 and it just may be the same tech to grace the yet to be unveiled Google Glasses.

Here are two short video clips demonstrating this new tech…


I am sure the advertisers are already working on ways to ensure these eyeglasses will steer you to local sales events, and bombard your eyeballs with banner ads… but, that’s the price we pay. (Gives a whole new meaning to “onboard navigation”..)
(And.. you think someone is looking at you.. but they’re reading their email…)

Think the world is weird place now? Wait ’til everyone is wearing these..!

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Today’s quote:In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards.” ~ Mark Twain

Speaking of idjits…

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