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Quick Reading Reco: Why Privacy Concerns are Ruining Facebook

Folks, Brennon Slattery has an article published at PCWorld that looks at recent changes (and trends) and I would like to suggest Facebook users (in particular) take a look at…

Why Privacy Concerns are Ruining Facebook

Facebook has had more than its share of privacy problems. There’s the Beacon fiasco; the lawsuits; the federal complaints; international investigations; and schemes galore. There are also a multitude of methods to protect your privacy both on Facebook and online in general. If Facebook users became more acquainted with the power they have to protect themselves, perhaps sweeping shut-downs such as these wouldn’t be necessary. But as Facebook locks doors and tosses keys, I cannot help but feel it’s headed in the opposite direction from whence it started, dismantling its very purpose, and adopting an attitude of exclusivity.”

To read the article, click here. (Note: on this website, all blue text items are “clickable”)

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