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Your Freindly Neighborhood CIA..

Is that a common everyday housefly, or a flying robot spy camera and microphone?

Folks, my catnap day sure didn’t last long, and once again I am a busy beaver. But I am going to take a quick minute and share an ‘item of interest’ that came to my attention.

Long ago, when I had time to read, I often enjoyed Cold War spy novels (if you know who John LeCarre [or R. Ludlum] was, you know to which I refer) and I believe it was in one of those that i first heard rumors that one of the “Intelligence Agencies” had developed a remote-control, flying microphone that looked – to all but the closest inspection – like a common black fly.

I had to dismiss that, in my mind, as pure fiction, or I would maybe start developing delusions of paranoia and go on a fly killing quest. (Ha!)

But, see, I shouldn’t have dismissed the notion.. though I was wrong about what flying insect would be the nemesis of all secret agents.

It's a 'bug' and it's a 'bug'

That dates from 30 years ago.. wonder what they are build nowadays..?

Read more about the CIA tech museum.. click here.

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March 1, 2012 - Posted by | tech

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