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The DNSChanger Virus – The Real 411 (NOT “Doomsday”)

There has been much hype about a virus in the news lately that, frankly, shows (some of) the mainstream media for what they are (clueless ambulance-chasing fearmongers?). Today, Woody Leonhard published a detailed article that tells the real deal about “DNSChanger”, and he says it much better than I would.. ‘cuz I am a bit angry, and might not keep a civil tongue.

DNSChanger is not the end of the world

DNSChanger virus spells ‘Internet Doomsday’ … The end is nigh, according to the FBI … ‘Internet doomsday’ will strike us all on July 9 …

That’s what a couple of popular websites had to say about the DNSChanger virus. What a crock!

I’ve been writing about viruses for about two decades, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen headlines that ridiculous from sources that should know better.Read more..”

I highly recommend this read. For everyone.. not just the Geeks. Learn the facts.

And, if you would like a quick check of your PC, to see if your web browsing has been hijacked by DNSChanger, click here. (Green means you do not have a DNSChanger infection.)
Those outside the USA can click here, and scroll to find the checker for your country/language.

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