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A few more items and Friday Fun

Happy Friday to you all. Here are a few more news items for your consideration.

* ANYONE NEED A BUNCH OF RUINED LAPTOPS? Why One School District Killed Its Student Laptop Program 

There is no more determined hacker… than a 12-year-old who has a computer.Read more..

[Yet again, another ‘feel good program’ fails when it bumps into reality..?]

bozoApple hit with privacy class-action over iPhone location service

Apple has been hit with a class-action suit for using the location service function on its iPhones to track customers, alleging that Apple has indeed handed over the information to third parties, including the U.S. government.Read more..

* How one judge single-handedly killed trust in the US technology industry

In a single two-hour courtroom session on Thursday morning — just in time for lunch — US District Judge Loretta Preska ruled on a case that has massive global implications for US technology giants.Read more..

Encrypt your face and foil the NSA

Surveillance cameras are everywhere, backed by sophisticated facial recognition software. But you can defeat them, the NSA and whoever else is monitoring you. Here’s how.Read more..

Latest Citadel trick allows RDP access after malware’s removal (keyword=”after”)

Attackers have updated Citadel with a new “trick” that gives them device access even after the banking malware has been detected and removed by administrators, a security firm found.Read more..

[Geekspeak note: “RDP” (remote desktop protocol) is what tech service types (such as myself) use for ‘remote repairs’. It allows me to see your screen, move your cursor as if I’m moving your mouse, type commands, etc., without visiting your home.]

* Friday Fun Video Note: the first several minutes of this is jet fighter flying stuff, but you can skip that if that’s not your thing. Slide it to 3:50.

* Today’s quote:Fun is good.” ~ Dr. Seuss

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