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Best Phone Apps For Students

I only have time today to point you, Dear Reader, at a couple of items, as I have been having a very busy “holiday”!

I recently visited a tech site I haven’t had a chance to look at in a while, Chris Parillo’s Lockergnome (one of the “major” tech sites), and came across a timely article for students getting ready to head back to classes. Though the article focuses on the iPhone, many of the apps mention (if not all) have Android versions also. (And I think many of the apps are useful for all of us, not just students..)

Best iPhone Apps for Students by Kelly Clay

This week, most high school and college students are enjoying a much-deserved break before the next semester (or quarter) begins. If you have a new iPhone this year, you may not realize the plethora of apps that can actually help you study better — and maybe even help your GPA, too. We’ve tried and tested some of the most popular apps designed for students in high school. Before you head back to the dorms or the cafeteria next week, check out this list of what we think are the best iPhone apps for students.” Read more..

Sorry I don’t have time for more.. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

Hello Dearest One…

Hello Dearest One,

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  1. Dear Congress, It’s No Longer OK To Not Know How The Internet Works

    He’s right. It’s not funny or cute anymore.

    Busy holiday,,doesn’t even cover it. Hope everyone had a great one.


    Comment by delenn13 | January 2, 2012 | Reply

    • delenn13,
      That’s not only a good article, it is a darned important one. I will be mentioning it.

      Unfortunately, approx 95% of Americans have never heard of the Bill, and don’t care. (Yes.. I made up that number, but, really.. I suspect for most folks, it is a non-issue.)


      Comment by techpaul | January 2, 2012 | Reply

      • I am rethinking the selection of my on line subscription to The Washington Post.

        “BILLIONS OF DOLLARS are lost each year to online piracy, which stifles the ability of writers, songwriters and others in the creative arts to earn the royalties they are due and drains profits from legitimate manufacturers. Consumers often find themselves saddled with shoddy products and no prospect of obtaining a refund.”

        Darn those pirates…Maufacturers make shoddy products with higher prices and it’s the pirates fault? How about eliminating the “middle man” and all the red tape? Wouldn’t that make more sense? Or how about stop trying to cram down our throats the newest and greatest remake of a movie with 3D and really make more than one movie that is worth going to? Or how about..Here’s a novel idea…..Make something last 30 years or more..Like you used to.

        When I was going through the list of supporters and saw Pfizer and the like on the list, I wondered why. Now, I know.
        “SOPA would kill my wife. Yes, I meant it. We now purchase medicines for her from legitimate online Canadian-based pharmacies. One medicine alone costs about $25,000/year in the US, and less than $1,000 online. Being retired, we could no longer afford her medicines for her Crohn’s disease. Should SOPA pass, big pharma would force a stop to these legitimate sites, and so SOPA would indeed kill my wife.”
        My migraine meds are 19.00 a pill here in Canada. I shudder to think what they would cost in The States.

        Only the Justice Department would have the authority to seek a court order demanding that an Internet service provider block the site from U.S. consumers. Both Justice and private rights holders would be permitted to ask a judge to compel Internet advertising agencies and financial services firms to discontinue processing payments or providing services to the rogue site.”

        Yep let’s tie up more judge’s time etc in court…In fact, why don’t they travel to the offending country and preside there since we have no more spam..That law worked, didn’t it or was that the “Do Not Call” list??? And lets’ get the DOJ and Homeland Security involved because they don’t have anything else better to do.

        A fair block on Internet piracy – The Washington Post

        Oh Washington Post, I knew you when…..

        Poor Woodward and did so well.

        Fair? I think not.


        Comment by delenn13 | January 3, 2012 | Reply

        • delenn13,
          I am not sure how to reply to this..

          I think I will simply say you make some interesting points, and I hope people will read it (with their thinking caps on).


          Comment by techpaul | January 3, 2012 | Reply

          • I didn’t mean to come over as Pro Piracy. I just won’t spend the money to go to a theater and see a movie. I will rent a movie or order it on cable or through netflix. I refuse to spend over 30.00 to see a movie I might not like. I can wait and see it in the privacy of my home and lament the cost of 2.99 or 5.99(whatever) for a crappy movie. If we spend over 30.00, just think what a family of 4 or 5 spend? They have priced themselves out of the realistic market.


            Comment by delenn13 | January 3, 2012 | Reply

            • delenn13,
              I am ardently anti-piracy, and shun the Torrent scene altogether, and I think DRM, as we’ve seen it implemented so far (Sony rootkit, anyone?) is at best a cruel joke on us law-abiding types, and a failure as a technology. As an actual deterrent? Please…

              As for going to the movies, well, the cost of tickets is not the only reason I do not go and haven’t in over a decade.. but I think your expressed opinion is quite common.

              The Internet is killing industries (and creating new ones) and those industries are trying to fight the truth of it (not going down w/o a fight) in various, desperate ways.. raising prices (to counter-balance less sales) seems – to me – kinda dumb, but there you go.

              And.. who knows the future? Did email kill the post office? Not yet… but. (again, raising prices to counter-balance less sales..)(Several people have told me this was their last year to mail Xmas cards.. too costly.. [some second-hand hearsay, for you])
              Did Amazon kill the “brick and mortar” stores? Not yet… but.


              Comment by techpaul | January 3, 2012 | Reply

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