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Safe Browser Rebuttal + More

The other day I mentioned a study which concluded that Internet Explorer by far and away blocked more malware than the competition (see Which Browser Blocks The Most Malware? Surprise!). Today I noticed a fresh article which takes quite a different view..

Internet Explorer is the safest Web browser!? Ha!

Microsoft is trying again to con people into thinking that Internet Explorer is the safest browser around. It’s not. At best, it’s tied with Chrome.Read more..

Some other items of interest..

Google engineer calls Google+ a “pathetic afterthought” and “knee-jerk reaction”

A Google software engineer who accidentally broadcast a 4,578-word rant about the company’s failings saved his toughest criticism for the Google+ service. A list of features can’t make up for a…” Read more..

New UK ISP porn filter: a tragedy of transparency, privacy and security

UK government will hold ISP’s responsible for filtering internet content to appease a Christian charity. There is no technical or peer scrutiny in filter implementation.Read more..

[What? Government does something stupid? No!]

Oh. Yes. There’s a new iPhone. (Yippee.)

iOS 5 breaks down upon arrival for some mobile users

iOS 5 is here…at least for some iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners.Read more..


RIM ramps apology parade for outage: Lazaridis up to bat

The timing of RIM’s outages couldn’t be worse with the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4S and a new BlackBerry 7 cycle.Read more..


Again? Sony’s PlayStation Network hit with another attack

Sony’s PlayStation Network, the gaming and entertainment platform knocked offline for weeks this spring, has been hit again. Read more..


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