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Dangerous People Answer My Ad?

Recently, I decided to use a couple of online classifieds services to try to find a good home for an item of furniture I no longer have space for.

I used two popular services you may have heard of — Craig’s List, and Ebay’s classifieds (aka “kijiji“).

I received an e-mail response, that asked for more details.

So, I replied.

And received this response:

“Thanks for getting back with us

sorry about that, My email was in fact,

I’m very intrigued in this but prior to I invest in it I need to find out if its exactly the same one I’m looking for because I can’t afford a second slip-up Please be sure to check out this vid here I uploaded and let me know


If its the exact one I will be there right away to buy it
Appreciate it “

Now, I suppose it is possible that this is a sincere person.. Wait. It is not possible that this is legit. This *person* spends their time sending phony ‘interest’ emails to people advertising in the Classifieds, with the sole intent of harvesting valid e-mail addresses, infecting their computers (and/or .. trying to sell them something, maybe? {I’m looking at the words in that strange URL..})

I wonder how many folks they’ve nailed…?

There’s a “rule” — never click on links in emails from strangers. There are some twisted folks out there people. Please, use paranoid common sense on the Internet.

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November 3, 2010 Posted by | Internet scam | 10 Comments