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Black Holes and more…

Black hole at the center of our galaxy gives up a secret..

“Sagittarius A* — or Sgr A*, as it’s more commonly described — is a supermassive black hole at the center of our Milky Way. It’s big and bad, containing about 4 million times the mass of our sun. It’s also given to odd behavior; scientists say they can identify mysterious flares being emitted for a few hours each day.” Read/See more..

(This is more of a slideshow than an article..)

* Quick tip: Create new Google App docs with desktop shortcuts

“Save a whole bunch of keystrokes by creating a desktop shortcut for creating new Google Docs on the fly.” Read more..

* Create Your Own Browser Home Page With

“I am always looking for new ways to launch web sites from my browser’s homepage. My criteria is that it has to look attractive and must be device friendly and readable from my computer, tablet  or smartphone.” Read more..

* Online Dating Calls for Online Protection

“Online dating and social networks like and Plenty of Fish are supposed to be fun — new and modern ways of meeting people, making friends, or finding that special someone. But you could also meet other kinds of people on these sites — old-fashioned liars; cheaters and game players; serial daters; those who are married or have kids they don’t disclose; scam artists and financial predators; sexual predators; even murderers..” Read more..

* Stratfor subscribers targeted by malware-ridden emails

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