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What? More Facebook? | Inside Your PC

Yes, folks. A bit more on Facebook…

Facebook: What happens to active users when jobs come back?

There may be an inverse relationship between jobs and Facebook growth. In other words, more jobs may mean less Facebook time.Read more..

(I like that optimism.)

Really busy again today, so how about a quick repost of a good article you may have missed.

What The Inside Looks Like…

Today’s article is going to be just a little bit different, and it will be ‘short and sweet’. On several recent onsite repair jobs, I have opened the computer’s side panel and heard the client exclaim, “that’s all that’s in there? I was expecting more.. more.. stuff.” I am always bemused by people’s reactions when they look inside a PC for the first time.
(Yes, there’s a lot of open space inside a desktop PC. Laptop’s are different, and every nook is filled.)

So today – for those of you who have never seen the insides of a computer – I provide two simple photos: inside a desktop, and inside a laptop. (Your configuration will have some differences..)

Fairly high-end desktop (aka “loaded”), yours may not have so much in there..

Inside a laptop

Today’s quote:Remember, men need laughter sometimes more than food.” ~ Anna Fellows Johnston

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