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Point for point (aka “Friday Fun”)

Today’s mail brought some chuckles..

Let’s start today’s fun by comparing/contrasting certain realities..

1) Nobody calls me “baby”, baby.

2) Viagra Cialis? Is that, like what, twice as strong as plain Cialis?

3) It is hard for me to say how many thousands of people I have met in my decades on Earth, but I am pretty sure not one of them had the name “Bmena”.. And what is a “sir/madam”?
Don’t answer that.

4) I must have ordered that Dell while sleepwalking.. ? (“Cosmic”!)

5) Mrs. Williams, if you would like me to handle large sums for you, YES!!! I am absolutely trustworthy!!!!!!!!!!

6) I don’t think this one is real.. there is no red exclamation point telling me how urgent this change to my account status is.
Oh. Nevermind. I don’t have an account at BofA.

7) Why does salim keep writing me?

Try this idea on for size, next time life has you feeling a little down in the dumps: think of how much worse it could be if you had been *naive* enough to have responded to something like these.
People do, you know.

Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!

* Have you ever wondered why – in some countries – they drive on the wrong side of the road? I found the answer. See, Which side of the road do they drive on? if you’re curious (scroll down a bit to “historical”).

* Are the movies Hollywood is releasing getting better lately? I haven’t seen a comic-book-brought-to-life title in a while..

* How about a fun video?

Thank you for sharing some time with me.. and, yes, the weekend is a bit closer.

Today’s quote:Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

One for the road: A website I mentioned the other day had some photographs that just tickled my fancy. Here’s one sample..

Click on image to see more by this artist (reco'd)

.. if that tickled your fancy, too, click on the image! (Explore the Galleries..)
Seth Casteel’s gave me that “warm fuzzy”.

Bonus (for reading this far): Log Into Your Box Account From Your Android Device and Get 50 GBs of FREE Online Storage

Box is an online file storage service that typically gives you for FREE, 5 GBs of online file storage. The 5 GB limit is the typical amount you see for most services in an effort to get you to try the service; HOWEVER, Box has an interesting offer that is hard to refuse (providing you […] Read more..

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