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Hillary Sent Me An Email…

Folks, today, Hillary Rodham sent me an email. And I think you should see it.

RE: Your fund in ATM card

It seems Mrs. Clinton wants to let me know something important regarding my ATM card..

And the FDIC sent me a poor-grammar email as well.. Of all people.

You’d have to be Too Dumb To Live to open those. Right? I mean.. the planet is ruled by Darwin’s Law. (The slow and the stupid are food.)

Today’s Pop Quiz: What could that paperclip (attachment) be?

They were nice enough to send it.. maybe I should take a look.

Today’s free sleeping pill: Folks, you don’t need a sleep aid. Just read this: The 7 Coolest Features Of The Apple iPhone 5

As always, Apple’s new iPhone is truly boss. Here’s a look at seven of its most impressive features.Read more..

“Truly boss”? What measure was he using? Please! The iPhone may have been first, and changed the game, but, seriously, not your best choice. (Unless, maybe, all your other devices are Apple too.) Wonder why those 7 things less than thrill me..?

(Maybe because what’s “new” to Apple is at least 2 years old to everybody else? Or maybe it’s the “cool features” that force you to buy all new peripherals/add ons? “Actually Works On AT&T + Verizon” — um.. wasn’t it supposed to from version 1? Whoever coined “Apple’s reality distortion field” is/was right.)

So.. today’s the big day!!!

Do you have your iPhone 5 yet?

Today’s news:

* End User Security Awareness Gap Remains Wide, Experts Say
Enterprise-driven security education programs continue to fall short of the mark.

* Old Operating Systems Die Harder
Aging OSes like XP still getting hit big-time with old exploits, new data shows.

Um.. maybe I should have labeled that “today’s headlines stating the obvious”..

Today’s Geekspeak Translation: “End User” = you and me (aka “the people sitting at their PC’s”)

Breaking news: It must really, really, be important to some folks how many “likes” they have..

CNET is giving away a big prize: Win the ultimate home theater

Click on image to see how to enter.. (Facebook)

Facebook & Twitter..
Yippee yahoo.

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  1. […] Hillary Sent Me An Email… […]


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  2. Al the marbled mouth singer gets my vote…

    Some freebies for today…

    iCare Data Recovery Standard License Free

    “What does it do?
    Recover files after format

    With unformat ability, iCare Data Recovery Standard has “Format Recovery” option to restore deleted files after format no matter quick format or regular format.
    Quick undelete

    For fresh deleted files, the program is able to restore them fast in just a few seconds.
    Restore original names

    iCare Data Recovery Standard is able to restore lost files with their original file names if you select “Advanced File Recovery” to search lost deleted files.
    Deep Scan Recovery

    Featured with Deep Scan Recovery, this program would start a sector by sector file scanning for every possible file on recovery list.
    Complete Data Rescue Solution

    Delete file recovery, format recovery, damaged file system data recovery, recover files from bad MBR, recover files from lost partition… iCare Data Recovery Standard can do more than you think on data recovery.”

    CollageIt Pro PC Software with a 100% off Discount Coupon Code – Beautiful Collages in Just a Few Clicks

    CollageIt Pro automatically generates collages from your digital photos in just few clicks, using up to 200 images. With CollageIt Pro, there’s no wrestling with how to make it “look right”, since the program is designed to give you the power to create beautiful collages in moments. No matter whether you’re memorializing a vacation, a wedding, birthday party, or special trip, you’ll find that the perfect way to preserve these memories is with a collage made with CollageIt Pro. Real time preview shows you how your collage is coming along, while an array of pre-designed templates means you’ll be able to get up and running with CollageIt Pro in a snap.

    When you use CollageIt Pro, you’ll always enjoy full control over multiple settings, ensuring that your collage will come out exactly as you envisioned it. Set the page size, photo count, margins, rotations, and more. Crop photos to highlight the areas you want to use. Throw in backgrounds, photo frames, and shadows for added impact. When you’re done, save your collage as a JPEG, PNG, PDF, PSD, or other image formats! You can even send your collages to friends and family via email, or post it to Flickr and Facebook!”

    Canning pickled beets today..Laters…


    Comment by delenn13 | September 15, 2012 | Reply

    • delenn13,
      As always, I appreciate your taking the time to share those with us.


      Comment by techpaul | September 15, 2012 | Reply

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